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Precision Fire Solutions’ core business is designing, installing, & maintaining Fire Alarm & Mass Notification Systems. We install Honeywell’s award winning Gamewell-FCI platform equipment as well as being the only Platinum partner in South Carolina. Read on to see why you’ll want to have Team PFS.   

We service,  repair, test & inspection all brands of equipment. Gamewell, FCI, Silent Knight, Firelite, Simplex, Notifier, EST, Farenhyt, & Siemens just to name a few. Precision Fire Solutions’ has technicians that are factory trained in each of these brands. You save money when you choose us to service your alarm emergency notification panels.

Peace of mind is what you get when we work together to create a service agreement designed specifically for your business. Why pay for services you don’t need or exclude the ones you do? We work for you!

When PFS provides your facilities with their annual Test, Inspection, & Monitoring you receive 10% off of all repair labor & material. In addition you receive 10% off of emergency and none emergency service calls. We provide this additional benefit because we believe that when you hire us, we become an important part of your life safety team and the more we know about your systems, the more efficient we become and the safer you are.

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What We Do

Fire Alarm Service While PFS provides life safety services to a wide range of industries, we do not provide “one size fits all” service. We understand each type of facility requires a different approach to life safety service and provide the appropriate care to each. Manufacturing, Academic, Nursing/residential care, Office, Hotel, Restaurants, Educational, & Industrial managers rely on us to daily to keep their facilities safe and secure. We will customize life safety to your needs.

All Brands  PFS installs new Silent Knight, Fire-Lite, and Gamewell FCI fire alarms. We service, test & inspection all brands of equipment. Simplex, Notifier, EST, Farenhyt, & Siemens just to name a few.

Fire Alarm Technicians  PFS service technicians are factory trained to diagnose and make repairs to all brands of systems.  They are available 24/7 for emergency calls. In addition all techs have GPS & are scheduled throughout the day.

Service Agreements  PFS has full coverage (parts & labor covered) to basic (inspection & monitoring) fire alarm system agreements. Any Service Agreement includes 10% off of parts & labor on service calls or repairs.

Specialized All-Systems Service  We provide full life safety services using speciality partner companies just like us. This includes sprinkler, extinguisher, hood, backup lighting and more. Some companies try do all of this house and the customer ends up with mediocre-at-best quality. You deserve specialized service but don’t have to call all over town to get it. With us you get specialized care and only deal with one company. Specialized service cannot get any easier.

Straight Forward Pricing  We do not charge additional fees like “fuel” or “trip” charges. You pay 1 way travel (1 hour max if your area code is 803 or 864) plus the time onsite. It is as simple as that!

Why Choose Precision Fire Solutions?

No Complicated Contracts or Charges  No surprise “locked-in” auto renewals. No “trip” or “fuel” fees. No estimate or sign up fees. PFS relies on quality service & fair prices to keep our customers.

Certified Technicians  In addition to extensive factory training, All Technicians at PFS are certified by NICET & receive continuing education. We have technicians trained on all brands of panels.

Private, Locally Owned Company  YOU are our focus, not this quarter’s stock value. We are never here today, gone tomorrow… we live here!

Extensive Systems Tests  PFS tests every device while others spot test. Who checks just one brake on their car?

Professional Installations  PFS is the only company in South Carolina that operates a Federal Certified Fire Alarm Apprenticeship Program. Our program requires 5 years of classroom training to receive certification.

Trustworthy Teams  In addition to all of the training, all PFS employees are subjected to extensive background checks. You can trust PFS employees with your life safety.

Coordination  We never show up unrequested so you can receive a unexpected bill. We contact you, you set the service days & times. We also coordinate with other trades to save you time.

Honesty  PFS does not pay commissions to our sales people or technicians while most companies give “kick backs” to technicians who sell you additional parts or services that you may not need.

10% off All Repair Parts & Labor If Precision Fire Solutions Provides Your Monitoring & Inspections!

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