Access Control

Linear eMerge Access Control Dealer

It is all about you controlling access to your facilities. You decide who can access what doors and when they can while maintaining a record of who did access with an easy-to-use interface. Precision Fire Solutions will install a system that gives you the power of access.

Are you ready for an access control system that lets you expand your system quickly and easily whenever your needs change? Precision Fire Solutions is your dealer for eMerge Access Control. Finally, a browser-based access control system that does not hold you back.

The eMerge Essential™ embedded browser-based network appliance makes advanced security technology reliable and affordable for any entry-level access control application. With tens of thousands of access control systems deployed in the field, and backed by decades of experience, Linear continues to deliver unprecedented value and innovation. The eMerge Essential sets new standards of excellence for reliability, ease-of-use, expandability, best-in-class value and lowest cost of ownership.