Emergency Mass Notification

Emergency Mass Notification Solutions

More than a fire alarm system, emergency mass notification systems is a fire alarm system that utilizes speakers to create an emergency public address system. During a fire, tornado, lockdown, or any other type of emergency, these PA systems give your people timely instructions. It also has the added benefit of being usable as an actual PA system. To have a truly effective mass notification solution, you cannot rely on a single (or few) alerting endpoints. You need a multilayered, integrated mass notification solution using all notification modalities available to you.

If you need more specific notification points, Precision Fire Solutions is the certified Alertus distributor for South Carolina. The Alert Beacon helps you inform specific notification areas by integrating with a variety of alerting and security investments to help reduce costs while increasing notification reach. Alert Beacons leverage physical alerting endpoints such as IP Speakers and digital signs that can be located at key areas like security desks, nurses’ stations, and management offices while also providing VoIP phone notification and desktop notification. With this kind of versatility, we can create a fully integrated, facility-wide, multi-layered mass notification system—a system you can deploy in just seconds from one single activation point.

When an emergency occurs, reaching everyone, everywhere, regardless of their accessibility needs, is your number one goal. Mass Notification and Alert Beacons help you reach that goal quickly, simply, and effectively. Feel free to contact us for more information about our emergency mass notification service in the Upstate, Midlands, and Lowcountry of South Carolina.