Fire Alarm Inspections

Fire System Inspection Company

Are you responsible for ensuring that your fire alarm system works as intended? We can take this burden for you! Whether your business is an ice cream shop, residential facilities, or a manufacturing plant, code requires that your fire protection equipment be tested and inspected regularly to ensure it will properly operate in case of an emergency. We truly test and inspection your entire system while others will sell you “fly-by” testing that is only paper for the file. 

We test every device because no one knows which one will save a life. Could a doctor be expected to look at a patient from across the room and say you are in good health? Of course not! It takes testing and examination. Our certified teams use the latest equipment to physically test every device. This means putting smoke in every smoke detector, pulling every pull station, and checking every notification device during the alarm condition. 

Not only is Precision Fire Solutions a full-service testing, repair, and installation company but we also comply with all state and local fire department requirements in addition to the regulations of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). We test and inspect all brands of fire alarm systems. Additionally, when we provided your inspections and monitoring, you receive 10% off system repairs. Contact us today and discover why we are the fire alarm maintenance company that many businesses have come to trust for South Carolina fire testing services.