Fire System Inspection Company

You are responsible for inspection, testing, and maintenance of the fire alarm, fire suppression, and fire extinguisher systems. What would the headline read at your facilities in the case of a fire? We provide thorough Inspections, not just paper for filing.

Our certified teams use the latest equipment to manually test every device. This means putting smoke in every smoke detector, pulling every pull station, and checking every notification device during the alarm condition. Many companies may check 10% which does not pass code, but more importantly, what are the odds they checked the single device that is needed to save a life?

Do I need my equipment inspected? Yes. Whether you are a small ice cream shop, a chain restaurant, or an automotive assembly facility, your fire protection equipment is required to be inspected to maintain compliance and readiness. Contact your Precision Fire Solutions specialist today with any questions related to local ordinances, to schedule an inspection or request a free estimate.